Los Zoques Province Route

For today's travelers, as for the Spaniards of the 16th century, arriving in Chiapas from the Gulf Coast or from central Mexico means arriving in a territory inhabited since ancient times by the Zoques, an ethnic group related to the ancient Olmecs.

In the midst of valleys and high mountains, warm and temperate zones, high and low jungles and pine forests, the northwest of Chiapas offers incomparable landscapes and the legacy of evangelization represented by the temples of the XVI century. The tour begins in Tuxtla Gutierrez, the capital and largest city of Chiapas, which also shows the Zoque essence. This is a different Chiapas for the traveler. The Zoques were among the first potters and agricultural peoples of Mesoamerica, who in recent times have contributed to the great works of modern engineering in a region of ancient roots and deep cultural manifestations, a legacy that has been passed down for millennia; customs that have governed the way of celebrating rituals and festivals. A living tradition that endures to this day.

On this route, the tourist will enjoy an encounter with living cultures with a rich gastronomy, traditions, popular art, as well as ancestral customs that are worth knowing. Here you can also learn about the historical and architectural value of the temples built in the sixteenth century, repositories of artistic works (sculptures, altarpieces, paintings) in Tecpatán, Copainalá, Tapalapa, Chapultenango and Rayón.

The offer is complemented by natural wonders such as the Sima de las Cotorras, the crater of the Chichonal Volcano, the Coapilla Lagoon, the waterfall of El Aguacero and the Arco del Tiempo, these last two places within the La Venta River Canyon, all ideal sites for nature tourism activities.

Living cultures

In Chiapas 12 indigenous languages are currently spoken, whose speakers, in addition to having a common language that identifies and characterizes them, preserve their particular dress, beliefs, traditions and way of being, a situation that gives them uniqueness and make up a colorful and varied cultural mosaic.

In this geographical area of Chiapas, one of the least studied groups predominates, which makes them even more fascinating: the Zoques, who occupy the northwestern part of the state of Chiapas and whose language is disappearing due to modernity. The women continue to wear traditional clothing on special days, consisting of a long colored or checkered skirt, depending on the region, and a huipil or white blouse with extraordinary embroidery around the neck.

The traditions and customs that are still preserved today, sustain their ethnic identity. The ritual practices and pre-Hispanic beliefs that still survive today as vestiges of the festivals and rituals of our primitive indigenous roots that united us thanks to the geography, language and history of this wonderful culture.

Traditional holidays


  • Holidays

    January 31 to February 5

    Virgin of Candelaria

    Place: Copainalá, Chiapas

  • Holidays

    January 31 to February 5

    Virgin of Candelaria

    Place: San Fernando, Chiapas


  • Holidays

    March 1 to 31

    Coiteco Carnival

    Place: Ocozocoautla de Espinosa, Chiapas

  • Holidays

    March 5 to May 10

    Feast of San Vicente Ferrer

    Place: Copainalá, Chiapas


  • Holidays

    April 20 to 27

    San Marcos Fair

    Place: Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas

  • Holidays

    April 20 to 25

    San Marcos Fair

    Place: Tecpatán, Chiapas


  • Holidays

    May 3

    Santa Cruz

    Place: Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas


  • Holidays

    July 25

    Feast of Señor Santiago

    Place: Ocotepec, Chiapas


  • Holidays

    August 16 to 25

    San Roque Fair

    Place: Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas

  • Holidays

    August 16 to 20

    San Bernardo Fair

    Place: Tapilula, Chiapas


  • Holidays

    September 13 to 16

    National holidays

    Place: Chiapas


  • Holidays

    October 4

    The Calvary

    Place: Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas


  • Holidays

    December 12

    Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe

    Place: Chiapas

Discover and explore

Natural reserves

Chiapas surprises for its biodiversity, but also for its natural resources, as well as for the tourism possibilities found in its great rivers, lakes, majestic mountains and multitude of canals and estuaries on the coast, with their own characteristics that form an intricate network of possibilities where plant and animal life has found the ideal environments for each form of life represented in Chiapas.

This region of Mexico is one of the areas with the greatest biodiversity and habitats distributed in numerous ecosystems. For this reason, it is said that with the exception of the desert and the eternal snows, all the environments that are present in the national territory are found in this marvelous land.

Adventure trip

Centros turísticos de naturaleza

Colonial art and historical monuments

Famous for its pre-Hispanic heritage, Chiapas is also rich in art from the colonial era. It contributes to the Mexican viceregal group, the personality that gives it Central American character, since the entity is a meeting point of the sensitivity and the history of Mexico and the countries of Central America.


History is part of our lives, and museums are especially important for today's generation, since they allow us to learn about the art and culture of human beings through the centuries, as well as the scientific knowledge achieved since ancient times.

Folk arts

In Tuxtla Gutierrez it is possible to buy handicrafts of all kinds and from all over the state, textiles, pottery, carved wood, basketry, among others. The store of the "Instituto Casa de las Artesanías de Chiapas" is a good option to acquire high quality products.

In the traditional markets it is possible to acquire various pieces of amber jewelry, the Chiapas gem, as well as utilitarian articles made of leather or tin. The typical articles of popular art of Tuxtla Gutierrez are the birthday crowns, made of paper and sold in markets as well as popular stores.

In Tecpatán and Copainalá it is possible to find beautiful embroidered textiles in the Zoque tradition. The women's blouses, handmade by artisans, depict geometric figures that represent their cosmovision.

In Coapilla handicrafts are made with the technique of saddlery, made of leather, with great skill and beauty.

Tecpatán stands out for its carved gourds and bules, as well as sgraffito with traditional motifs. The carved gourds of Tecpatán preserve the art of the Zoque hands, which draw slender figures with shapes that enhance the beauty of these objects.

It should not be forgotten that Tuxtla Gutiérrez is one of the centers of production and diffusion of the marimba, an integrating musical instrument because in its construction the three sources of Chiapas converge: the original cultures plus those of Spain and Africa.


At the beginning of the XVII century, Tomás Gage described the province of the Zoques as "the most prosperous of the territory of Chiapa '', possessing the best cochineal in America and its inhabitants as "sharp and ingenious people ''.

In those times, to enter the sea of mountains that constitutes this area of Chiapas was an arduous undertaking. Today, modern highways bring travelers closer to prodigious scenery. This route allows you to peek into a world marked by the magnificent vestiges of the evangelization of the sixteenth century, in a tour of colonial architecture and art with few comparisons in the country.

It is also the opportunity to experience the roots of the Zoque culture, which are expressed in festive and ritual aspects.

Of course, this identity is also manifested in the gastronomy that is in the chipilín soup, the jacuané tamale and in ritual dishes such as putzatsé or huacasis caldu, to mention some outstanding samples.

Chiapas Romantic

Chiapas has a wealth of romantic and special places for lovers. Whether to get excited about the first date, to establish the commitment, to pronounce the eternal "I do" or simply for those who seek to rekindle the flame of love on each wedding anniversary, in short, Chiapas is a state for all occasions.

For those who prefer to make their dreams come true in a modern city, with first class services and avant-garde venues, along with beautiful panoramic views of the city, from above or, if desired, the ambiance of beautiful gardens; this route has everything to make it happen.

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