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Chiapas State Tourism Secretary.

Toll Free: 01 800 28035 00

Attention from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00 hrs.



Municipal Civil Protection

Tuxtla Gutiérrez

Address: Libramiento norte in front of the Fracc. Santa Clara, Tuxtla Gutierrez

Telephone 61 2 5511 ext. 3031, 3035, 3037 emergencies ext. 3040.

Hours: 8am - 4pm. (Administrative)

Manager: Mtra. Elizabeth Hernández

Facebook: Civil Protection Tuxtla Gutiérrez

Twitter: @proteccionciviltuxtla

Civil protection

of the State of Chiapas

Address: Carretera Emiliano Zapata Km. 1.9, 29000, Tuxtla Gutiérrez.

Telephone 961 6155178

Facebook: pcivilchiapas

Twitter: @pcivilchiapas


Citizen service module

Address: Libramiento norte in front of the fracc. Santa Clara

Emergency telephone number 61 2 55 11 ext. 3040

Hours: 24 hrs.

Manager: Lic. Eder Fabián Mancilla Velázquez (Operative)

Angeles Verdes Chiapas Corporate

Telephone 2461310518

Head of corporate: Rubén Aguilar Flores


Dialing for roadside assistance: 078

Tuxtla firefighters

Address: 5a. norte poniente No. 1410, El Magueyito, 29030, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas.

Cell (961) 6135025 emergency

Dialing: 911

Attention: 24 hrs.

Manager: Rodulfo Gálvez Gómez

Facebook: bomberos.tuxtlagutierrez

Red Cross

Address: 5a. norte poniente No. 1480 (1,66 km), 29000 Tuxtla Gutiérrrez

Telephone 961 612 4653

Dialing: 911

Facebook: CruzRojaTuxtla

Citizen complaint

Dialing: 911

24hrs 365 days a year.

Manager of the 911 call center: Dr. Robinzon González Silba


089 24 hrs

Local (free) booth

Cellular (cost)

Federal Consumer Prosecutor's Office

Address: Boulevard Ándres Serra Rojas No. 1090, Annex Building of the Tower Chiapas, Section “A”, Level 1. Col. Paso Limón

Phone : 6025943

Southwest level manager: Lic. Francisco Vladimir Estrada Ramírez

Person in charge in Chiapas: Lic. Adrián Ulloa Pérez

9 am-3 pm

For the contingency, attention via email:,

Facebook: ProfecoOficial (nationwide)

Source: Fiscalía General




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Language and languages spoken in Chiapas

In Chiapas the Spanish Language and 12 Native Languages predominate: (Tsental, Tsotsil, Chol, Tojolabal, Mam, Chuj, Jacalteco, Teco, Kanjobal, Lacandón, Mocho or Motozintleco and Zoque)

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If you are a foreigner and want to visit Chiapas
these are the 4 steps to process your passport


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