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Metzabok Lagoon is located in the eastern mountains of the state of Chiapas, in the Lacandon Jungle, in the municipality of Ocosingo. It was decreed in 1998 as a natural flora and fauna protection area in order to contribute to the use and conservation of the area's natural resources; there is a population of less than 100 inhabitants of the Lacandona ethnic group that is dedicated to protecting the area's flora and fauna and preserving their ancestral uses and customs.
The interaction and coexistence with the descendants of the Mayan culture, has resulted in this place being sought after by nature lovers and the mysticism of the Mayan rituals that are performed on special dates, without forgetting the beauty of the lagoon and the greenery of the high jungle.

How to get there?

Leave Palenque first by federal highway number 199, until arriving at the Shupá crossroads and then take highway 307 Fronteriza del Sur at 33 km where you will find the Chancalá - Reforma crossroads, from here you will travel approximately 15 km. At Crucero Ejido Piñal you will find the turnoff to Ejido Santo Domingo and Nahá and Metzabok, then turn left and drive 36 km until you reach the turnoff to Metzabok and Nahá, finally drive 6 km to Metzabok camp.


Metzabok, Mpio. by Ocosingo


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  • Camp with lodging service
  • Cabins
  • Restaurant
  • Camping area
  • Hammocks

What to do?

  • Hiking
  • Boats
  • Boat rides
  • Jungle walks
  • Some other tours.

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