Nahá Jungle Lodge Ecotourism Center

Nahá Jungle Lodge is an ecotourism camp with facilities in harmony with the jungle environment, its beauty lies in the fact that this place is surrounded by lagoons of karst nature and the Lacandon community itself invites you to protect, preserve and enjoy it in absolute freedom; you will also have the opportunity to learn through experiences cultural aspects such as language, clothing and ancestral ceremonial rituals.


Leave Palenque on federal highway 199 until you reach the Shupá crossroads and then continue on the 307 Fronteriza del sur for 33 kilometers then you will find the Cháncalá - Reforma crossroads approximately 15 kilometers later you will reach the Ejidal Piñal junction and continue passing through the Metzabok until you reach Nahá, it is a 44 kilometer drive, these last kilometers are unpaved, so you must take the necessary precautions, from the Chancalá crossroads there are no gas stations. 


Nahá, Municipality of Ocosingo


Always open

For your comfort

  • Accommodation with private and shared bathrooms

  • Multipurpose room

  • Crafts and binoculars shop

  • Food reservation

  • Restaurant

  • Hot water

  • Bicycle rental

  • Binocular rental

  • Campfire area

  • Wifi

What to do?

  • Trekking
  • Wildlife sighting
  • Kayak
  • Cayucos
  • Tour of the Nahá trail and lagoon.
  • Traditional Lacandon ceremony.
  • Night observation of crocodiles.
  • Nahá trail in cayucos.
  • Bow and arrow making workshops.
  • Clay elaboration workshop.
  • Lacandon dishes making workshop.

Contact for attention and reservations


9161018664 / 9161174603 / 9161095979


9161018664 / 9161174603 / 9161095979

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