Top Che Ecotourism Camp

Top Che is a camp that is located inside the Lacandon Jungle, this camp has a peculiarity that it invites tourists to spend time together and get into the customs of this Lacandon community, which undoubtedly makes your staying in this place worth it. This camp has a recognition of sustainable performance and good practices based on the principles of sustainable tourism.

This camp offers lodging services in private cabins and food; something not to be missed in this camp, it is dinner time, where Mr Paniagua gets together with the guests telling legends and anecdotes of his life in the jungle as a Lacandon, which will make that night unforgettable.

How to get there?

Starting from Palenque first along federal highway Number 199 and then take the Southern Border highway 132 km away. Where the San Javier Cruise is located, from here you travel approximately 8 km. and you arrive in the community of Lacanjá. Chansayab (1 hour 40 minutes of travel).


Lacanja Chansayab, Mpio. by Ocosingo


Always open

For your comfort

  • Lodging in cabins
  • Restaurant
  • Bathroom module
  • Camping area
  • Parking lot
  • Internet

What to do?

  • Hiking
  • Trekking
  • Swimming
  • Swimming area.
  • Crafts workshop.
  • Lacandona cooking workshop.
  • Hike to the traditional Lacandona milpa.
  • Walk to the Jungle.
  • Hiking to the lagoon.
  • Rafting

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Doubts or suggestions:

Call us at 800 280 3500

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