Las Nubes

The imposing Las Nubes waterfalls are a set of waterfalls that form along the Santo Domingo River. The turquoise blue color of the water, the incredible view from the viewpoint, the natural spa, Its beautiful and impressive waterfalls of turquoise water are much better appreciated from a suspension bridge that allows the tourist to see the speed of the waters.

This ecotourism center, considered the entrance to the Lacandon Jungle, is ideal for contemplating beautiful landscapes, hiking and even rafting. If you find yourself making a route, you can also visit the Las Guacamayas Ecotourism Center the same day and stay there, or vice versa.

It is located in the municipality of Maravilla Tenejapa, which has the necessary services to admire the vegetation and the powerful waterfalls formed by the Santo Domingo River that make this area one of the richest in the country in terms of natural heritage.

How to get there?

It is located 130 km from the city of Comitán by the southern border highway before the Santo Domingo bridge, on the left there is a detour that takes you to the town of Las Nubes, passing the communities of Nueva Jerusalen and Gallo Giro.


Ejido Las Nubes, Mpio. from Maravilla Tenejapa


8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m


$ 30 MXN per person

For your comfort

  • Lodging in cabins

  • Restaurant for 80 diners

  • Bathroom module

  • Parking lot

  • Camping area for 200 people

What to do?

- Bird watching
- Hike.

Contact for attention and reservations




992114 3673




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