Eco-Hotel Sak Nok

The Eco Hotel Sak Nok, home of real men, is located in the community of Lacanjá Chansayab, 13 km from Bonampak. This eco-hotel offers an unforgettable stay in its rustic cabins. All accommodations have a terrace with mountain views and a private bathroom. It is an excellent starting point for those who want to visit the archaeological site of Bonampak, the city of painted walls, which is only 13 km from the hotel, and an excursion to an unexplored archaeological site called Lacanjá.

This center offers recreational activities with nature, all attached to the conservation and preservation of the unique natural environment. 

How to get there?

Leaving from the city of Palenque, you must first take the federal border highway to the Shupá junction and then drive along the Southern Border highway, traveling 132 km until you reach the San Javier junction and from this point, drive 8 km until you reach the Lacanjá Chansayab community.


Lacanja Chansayab, Mpio. by Ocosingo


Always open.

For your comfort

  • Lodging in cabins
  • Restaurant
  • Souvenirs Store
  • Wellness facilities
  • Internet

What to do?

Tours along the interpretive trail through the following tour services YA TOCH KUSAM, La casa de las golondrinas waterfall, Lost City of Lacanja and the archaeological sites of Bonampak and Yaxchilán, and you can live the experience of a Temazcal.

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Call us at 800 280 3500

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