Touristic attraction The Ritual of Tulijá

The Tulijá waterfalls originate from the passage of the mighty river of the same name, with turquoise blue waters, a product of the calcareous minerals dissolved in them. They are located in the Zapatista town of San Jerónimo Tulijá, possessor of several ecosystems and recognized for the abundance of its forests, jungles and tourist attractions.

Despite being a recently created ecotourism center, this place offers horseback riding, bird watching, and walks to the waterfall.

How to get there

Take Highway 199 towards Ocosingo until you reach the junction with the Chancalá detour, continue on the Southern Border Highway and when you reach the town of the same name, take the road that leads to this wonderful place, in a trip of approximately 1 hour 40 minutes.


San Jerónimo Tulijá, Mpio. from Chilón


Always open

For your comfort

  • Community camp

  • Community kitchen

  • Camping área

What to do

- Kayak tours through the main pool..
- Sighting of flora and fauna species.
- Hikes through the waterfalls.
- Senderismo.
- Horse trips.

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