Wejlib Ha Waterfall Touristic Center

This place is characterized by the turquoise blue waterfall, which forms a small river and which contrasts with the evergreen vegetation of the medium and low deciduous forest type, forming natural pools suitable for swimming.

The area is a region of nuclei of original Chol and Tzeltal groups that preserve, to a large extent, traditions and their original language.

Here you can go hiking, trekking in the jungle and even feel the adrenaline rushing down the zip line of the place.

How to get there

Leaving Palenque, take highway 199 until you get to the Shupá cruise, there go to the left side and merge to highway No. 307 (South Border). 29 kilometers away is the town of La Cascada, take the 500-meter detour to the left side until you reach the tourist center parking lot. Travel time to Wejlib Ha: 30 minutes.


Ejido La Cascada, Municipality of Palenque


Always open

For your comfort

  • Lodging in cabins

  • Bathroom module

  • Restaurant

  • Camping area

  • Parking lot

What to do

- Guided tours.
- Bird watching.
- Hiking along the river.
- Viewpoints.

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Call us at 800 280 3500

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