Magical Town Comitán de Domínguez

This corner of Chiapas is considered one of the places with the best quality of life in the country. The natural beauty of its surroundings combine harmoniously with the traditional architecture that its streets show. The historic temple of Santo Domingo, an example of the sober Mudejar style in Chiapas, marks the center of its urban framework.

In Comitán you will discover a city full of calm and friendly people with whom you can share flavors full of traditions and stories starring its colorful churches and neighborhoods. You will get involved in its cultural atmosphere, you will be in direct contact with nature at the Montebello lakes or the El Chiflón waterfalls, or explore the Mayan greatness at the archaeological sites of Tenam Puente, Chunkultic and Lagartero.

Comitán is the perfect place to make your stay a comfortable and unforgettable experience.

How to get:


From Tuxtla Gutiérrez take Federal Highway 190 for 17 kilometers, then 51 km of highway. It is located in the Los Altos region.

What to do:

  • Take tours of the rich built heritage of the city, the largest in the state that includes a large number of golden Baroque altarpieces.
  • Visit the neighborhoods and learn about their festivals and their artisan and gastronomic specialties.
  • Visit to a distillery with posh tasting.
  • Take the tour of the tourist tram.
  • Try craft beer.
  • Visit the touristic centers El Arcotete, Gruta del Mamut and Grutas de Rancho Nuevo.
  • Visit the great variety of museums such as: Na Bolom, Los Altos de Chiapas and Centro Textil del Mundo Maya, the Uvence Foundation, Maya Medicine, MUSAC, Chocolate, Jade, Amber, Textiles, among others.
  • Visit the Huitepec Reserve, Montetik Park, San José Educational Park and Orquidario Moxviquil.
  • Take the bicycle tour to nearby towns and attractions.
  • Visit the Leñateros Workshop with production of artisan paper.

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