It is one of the oldest towns and full of history on the entire Chiapas coast. It largely preserves its traditional architecture of tile houses and strong colors. The life of this city revolves around the Esperanza central park, adorned by a stela of Teotihuacan influence, coming from the archaeological site of Horcones and representing Tláloc.

Tonalá is the center of one of the main livestock regions of Chiapas. The visit to Tonalá must include the colonial temple of San Francisco de Asís and the wide coastal strip of the Mexican Pacific.

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There are many aspects of this municipality on the coast of the State: the food, its beaches, the vernacular architecture and, needless to say, its rich and varied vegetation. Here we mention what you should not miss when visiting this city:


• Temple of San Francisco de Asís


Archaeological Zone of Iglesia Vieja


Puerto Arista


Boca del Cielo


Ecotourism center el Madre Sal




The gastronomy of the sea is part of the charm of the Chiapas coast. Live the gastronomic experience and do not miss the following recommendations:


  • Lemon water with chia or tepache
  • Cocadas and coyol with sweet
  • The turulas tostadas
  • The dogfish patties
  • Grilled mullet and shrimp broth
  • Macabil sausage


Meet our turulos flavors.

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Tonalá is the main beach destination in the state of Chiapas, a resting point for the tuxtlecos and for recreation for visitors from other latitudes, who like to sunbathe, the sea and the sand. Its name means Place of the Sun. It is important to take into account the following recommendations:


  • The optimal months to visit are from December to mid-May when there is no rain.
  • Take into account that April, May and June are the hottest months. Do not forget to wear fresh clothes, preferably cotton or linen, and a visor or hat to mitigate the sun's rays.
  • It is essential to wear comfortable shoes, sunglasses and sunscreen and to keep yourself hydrated constantly.
  • During the months of June to October the rains are frequent in the afternoon.



How to get?


If you are interested in spending a weekend or vacation in this beach destination, there is a wide range of transportation from the city of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, which allows you to reach Tonalá. Here are the most important ones:

  • Bus lines: There are daily departures
    • ADO buses
    • Cristóbal Colón bus
    • Aexxa buses
    Kilometers: 150 km. Approximate time: 2 hr.
  • If you travel with your own vehicle, from the city of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, follow the instructions:

    If you travel with your own vehicle, from the city of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, follow the instructions: Take the Pan-American Highway or 190 with destinations to Ocozocoautla de Espinosa, then take the toll road back to San Pedro Tapanatepec, Oaxaca; Continue until you reach the exit of the town of Arriaga, to continue to Tonalá you can either go through the center of Tonalá or take the detour along the road that surrounds the town itself. Note: on this road you will cross 3 toll booths (Ocozocoautla - Jiquipilas and Arriaga at a cost of $ 120.00 for the 3 of them) Kilometers traveled: 150 km Approximate time: 1 hr. 30 min.

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