Magical town Chiapa de Corzo

The greatness of this Magical Town can be seen in its temples, its festivals, its gastronomy and in the hospitality of its inhabitants. Walk these streets and be amazed by its unique mudejar architecture that characterizes the temple of Santo Domingo and La Pila.

The Sumidero Canyon is a must seen! Every tourist must mark it on their agenda. Taking a tour through the canyon, on a boat from the Chiapa de Corzo pier on the Grijalva River, means to make one of the most wonderful crossings in Mexico. We assure you that on this tour you will be able to get your best photographs.

Let yourself be involved in the process of making the Chiapas laca, and learn how to build and play the marimba. These experiences will make your visit to the Magic Town of Chiapa de Corzo even more unforgettable, the town of the great feast of January, the one of the dancing parachicos.

How to get there:


From Tuxtla Gutiérrez, it is reached by federal highway 190 located on the limits of the Central depression and the Central Highlands, 50 minutes away from San Cristóbal de Las Casas.

What to do

  • Discover the archaeological zone with the oldest vestiges.
  • Take a tour of the main monuments of Chiapas Mudejar.
  • Tour the neighborhoods and their festivities.
  • Learn about the embroidery, wood carving, laca and marimbas workshops.
  • Take the river tour through the Sumidero canyon.
  • Try the traditional food such as: comida grande, cochito, tamales and typical sweets.
  • Try drinking pozol in the market.

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