Suspiro (sigh)

Typical sweet from Chiapa de Corzo made with yucca and panela.
It will make you sigh!

Exquisite and typical sweet from Chiapa de Corzo made with cassava and panela. Do not leave this city without trying this dessert that will make you sigh with pleasure.


Preparation time: 1 hour.

  1. 1 kg. Sugar
  2. 1 l. Oil
  3. 1 kg. cassava
  4. 3 pcs. Eggs
  5. 200 gr. Flour
  6. 2 l. Water
  1. Peel, cut and cook the yucca.
  2. Heat the oil.
  3. Make a syrup with the water and sugar.
  4. Make a puree with the cassava and add the flour and eggs to form a homogeneous paste.
  5. With the help of a spoon, make cassava balls and fry until golden; remove from fire and drain, after that chop them with a toothpick.
  6. Cook the balls in the syrup until 3/4 parts of the syrup is consumed.

It is suggested to cook the cassava one day before preparing the sweets (sighs).

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