San Francisco Fair

24 de Septiembre


Patronal feast.
San Francisco de Asís is also known as “Tata Chico” in Tonalá, where they have the custom that the saint is carried through the main streets of the city.

In Tonalá, the San Francisco de Asís fair is considered one of the busiest in the state, after Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Tapachula, San Cristóbal, Comitán and Chiapa de Corzo. Thousands of Tonaltecos from all the communities and neighboring municipalities attend the festival in honor of "Tata Chico", who take the opportunity to visit the saint and ask him for help in everyday problems.

The community installs and improvises the sales where they offer delicious snacks, pozole, tamales, among other dishes. In the afternoon you can watch and listen to the marimba music of the tropical groups. The holiday is both religious and cultural.

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